.:. Admission is now open    .:. تم إعلان النتائج على موقع المدرسة ويمكنكم طباعتها وفى حالة الرغبة فى شهادة موثقة التوجه إلى سكرتارية الإستقبال والإبلاغ عن ذلك وسيتم استلامها فى اليوم التالى    .:. لمعرفة ايميل الطالب    .:. A letter addressed to parents    .:. تعليمات العام الدراسى 2022 -2023    .:. القواعد السلوكية للتعلم عبر الانترنت    .:. تعليمات بشأن فيروس كورونا    .:. الاجراءات الاحترازية التى اتخذتها مدارس العروبة للغات والمستمرة حتى الآن    .:. KG Handbook    .:. OLS Student Email and HUB Credentials



The National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation asserts…

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to develop, through high quality education and a safe learning environment… 



The system is accessible on the school website for the students to interact with the teacher.

A word from the founder:

Orouba Language School consistently strives to offers its students quality education with the highest academic standards. To achieve our goals, the school continuously engages highly qualified teachers and regularly supports them with quality training and professional development. The latest teaching methodology is applied in all classes from kinder-garden to secondary school. Instruction is also supported by various teaching aids and efficient resources. Teachers have full access to the most up-to- date technological aids including computer labs, data-shows and smart boards, as well as access to the internet to scaffold effective learning.

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