In order to improve teacher-student interaction and give the teacher the ability to cater to each student individually, there is a limit on the number of students in each classroom. Modern technological resources (a computer, an overhead projector, and a smart board) are available in every class.

Play Area (KG stages)

Students in Nursery and KG stages have a joyful time where they get a chance to play and interact among themselves under the supervision of experienced teachers. This reinforces their activity levels and allows them to channel their energy in a constructive manner.


The school has multiple modern playgrounds equipped with all the necessary resources and equipment to accommodate all types of activities and sports for all stages. The supervision of these activities is under the responsibility of a group of qualified physical education teachers.
As part of our P.E. program, various tournaments are held between classes in each stage. As a result, the school has been able to occupy high ranks in both local and international competitions.

Story Room (KG stages)

A variety of stories of various genres are available in the Story Room, which also features a screen, a whiteboard, and several puppets that the teacher can use to physically illustrate the stories. The activities that take place in the story room encourage children to express themselves, foster their ability to use their imagination, and open a window to a new world.

Arts and Crafts

Creating and crafting enhance the growth of multi-sensory skills and are healthy for both the brain and the soul. Students hone their artistic abilities at the workshop using a variety of provided materials by creating models of various types and forms that are inspired by the surrounding environment.

Fun House Room (Nursery/K.G)

This space is divided into various workstations with a wide variety of activities to help students to discover their talents and skills, and encourage freedom to explore, create, and learn. This atmosphere of fun and pleasure engages children and helps them learn how to participate and cooperate among themselves.

Language Lab

Learning a language just by studying the theory is not enough to guarantee a successful language learning experience. The English Listening Lab has 31 computer devices that students use to help acquire and practice the four main language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Preparatory and secondary library

The school library offers knowledge and concepts that are essential for succeeding in today’s knowledge-, information-, and research-based society. The school library equips students with life-long learning skills and develops their imagination, enabling them to live as responsible citizens.

Science Laboratories

The school has three advanced laboratories (Chemistry, Physics and Biology) where student have the opportunity to learn and experiment. The implementation of science experiences and projects helps students to better remember concepts, and to transfer the experience to real life situations in a safe & pleasant environment under the supervision of highly qualified teachers.

Computer lab

The school has five labs equipped with the latest devices. Each student has a device that is constantly connected to the Internet and loaded with the most recent educational programs that serve the curriculum.

Department of Music Education

Music helps the body and mind work together. The school has music halls equipped with varied musical instruments suitable for all stages, where students can explore their talents. Such an endeavor is led by a group of highly skilled music educators. This constant and tireless effort has helped the school consistently occupy high ranks in national competitions for musical education.

Department of Home Economics

The school has 3 halls for home economics activities such as nutrition and textile. The halls contain all the tools, electrical appliances and resources necessary for the implementation of the curriculum with the aim of developing the skills of students in manual work, and their understanding of how small industries operate

Department of Agricultural Education

The growing of seedlings for the school garden, as well as the cultivation of surfaces and the recycling of waste suitable for agriculture, is one of the school’s distinctive activities. The Agricultural department generates products throughout the year and displays them in the annual school exhibition.

Department of industrial field

A unique feature of the school is the carpentry works’ industrial field workshops. The hall has numerous modern electrical machines and tools for making wooden crafts. The curriculum helps students learn manual labor skills and instills in them the value of small projects. The department excels in its participation in the annual school exhibition with activities led by a team of specialist teachers in the industrial field.

Department of Art Education

Two separate art rooms are available for students, where they can use all available tools and resources to bring their artworks and projects to life. These products are exhibited in school throughout the theater, playgrounds, and hallways. Art teachers guide students to participate in various events and exhibitions to display their artistic talents.

School Auditorium

The auditorium, which is used for all types of formal assemblies such as lectures, award ceremonies, performances, etc., provides students with their first introduction to performing arts, both as audiences and as performers. We at OLS strive to provide a highly functional, artistically flexible, easy-to-use space for both the performers and the audience.

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