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Mr. Hussein Mohamed El Rashidy, a pioneer in the field of private education, founded the Maadi Orouba Language School in 1985. The school offers the national English System, IGCSE, and American Diploma programs. Our institution is made up of three separate structures that house various educational levels (K-12) as well as preschool stages.

Orouba Language Schools strongly contribute to the educational process, aiming to create a well-rounded individual who is a lifelong learner with critical thinking and creative skills. These skills, along with a character-building program, are indispensable for their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Besides teaching the national curriculum, the school introduces students to an intensive A-Level English program that guarantees a high level of speaking, reading, and writing English. French language classes are also introduced at the school in the second grade.
All subjects place a strong emphasis on the value of extracurricular activities as a means of helping students achieve their full potential in their different areas of intelligence and different levels of thinking. Information technology is given the utmost priority in our curriculum in order to support students in becoming 21st-century citizens.

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