Student Admissions policies and procedures at Orouba Language School – Maadi

Admissions into Nursery and Kindergarten

  1. The age of the applicant is calculated on October 1st of every academic year where:
    • Students applying to Nursery must be 3 years old or older on October 1st of the academic year they will be admitted on.
    • Students applying to KG1 must be 4 years old or older on October 1st of the academic year they will be admitted on. Applicants at the age range of 4 years and below 6 years are considered for admission into KG1.
  2. Student applications for KG1 are classified by age. The following documents must be presented in order to proceed with the admissions process:
    • Original Electronic Birth Certificate for the student.
    • 4 recent personal photographs for the student.
    • Medical Card for the student, obtained from the Students Health Office (مكتب الصحة الخاص بالطلبة) (Located in Street 82, near El Farouq Sqaure in Maadi).
    • A copy of the National ID of both parents.
  3. The student and his/her parents will sit for an interview with a member of the teaching staff for a student assessment. Attending this appointment is mandatory in order to ensure that the student does not lose his/her place on the admissions list.
  4. The school pediatrician conducts a Medical examination (physical and intellectual) for the student.
  5. After the above procedures are finalized and the student is admitted, the student’s father/legal guardian fills out an Enrollment Application at the Students Affairs Office.
  6. Upon acceptance into the school, the parent / legal guardian is required to pay the first installment of the annual fees as stated by the Ministry of Education. Those who wish to subscribe to the bus service will also be required to pay the first installment of the bus fees. The school does not accept any other payments of any form or purpose.
  7. The school provides the parent / legal guardian with a list of instructions for the coming academic year. This list includes information regarding the dates for receiving textbooks, the dates for the beginning of the academic year, the dates for paying the second installment of the school fees and bus fees.
  8. The mother is allowed to apply for her child in the following conditions:
    • The father is deceased (a copy of the death certificate is required).
    • The father lives abroad (a copy of the father’s authorization to the mother, as well as proof of residence abroad are required).

The parents are separated (a copy of the divorce document and a copy of the document stating the mother is the legal executor of her child’s academic affairs (حكم الولاية التعليمية)

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